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Onward always onward

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You can now buy the book here.

Posted by: cookiemonger | June 22, 2010

Proof positive

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WHIRLWIND vacation, but came home to the proof copy on my desk.  This was a lot of fun, and I did exactly what I set out to do.  I wrote it in the time period I set for myself, despite obstacles and actually giving up at one point.  It’s not a long book, but it’s mine, and I know a lot of people will enjoy it.

I learned a lot, which is what I wanted the most, of course.  I learned that I will prefer a different size from now on, how to use Adobe Acrobat to embed fonts and other such important things, and seeing how it looks has taught me about putting covers together and book sizes.  Next time I think I’ll go with…

I talked to some of my favourite cousins about the book when I saw them in Phx, so I’ll have to remember to order them a copy and send it them.  Talking to them reminded me of all the stories we used to come up with together–the ones I told them so we could sleep at night, the ones we spun together just for a laugh…  It makes me want to keep writing.  It’s a good life I’ve got.

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My proof copy is on its way!  I can’t wait to see it!

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As I expected, the cover wasn’t up to snuff, but thankfully, it was due to my own error, so I didn’t need to bug my dear friend.  The fact that the interior file is all good makes me happy, so I feel a little better than I did yesterday.  Time to write more in A Question of Causes!

….and to never ever worry about the cover.  I made one decent cover for a book once and I do not see it happening again.  That book will have to be next.  After some heavy plot-doctoring.

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deep breath

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Okay, finally got through all the stupid muck of formatting and filetypes.  I still hate them.  I’m going to have to just buy stupid Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro next time, it has the most annoying trial version NAG-WARE that I have ever had the displeasure of coming across.  Maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas.

There’s a lot for me to hope for now.  Hope that my PDFs are okay–seriously crossing my fingers on those–hoping that I’ll get that job at Barnes & Noble, because things are getting a little too muckfactor.

And more than anything, hoping that I’ll be able to just live through the writing process again, since I have officially picked up A Question of Causes again.  Granted, I technically won NaNoWriMo with it last year (IN 14 DAYS!), but it’s only halfway done.  Not just because I planned it to be 100K, but also because the story is literally half over.  There’s a lot more still to do, and it’s been sitting absolutely still for at least six months.

It’s been so long since I haven’t felt blocked, and I don’t really think the horrible feeling is gone yet, but I was able to edit what I wrote last year.  Mostly I did it to get myself back up to speed on what I wrote, as well as to regain the voice I used to write the main character, Bianca Lang.  I also started up where I left off and got 360 words (hehe, 360) before I fell into the mess of CreateSpace stuff for The Island.

I wanted to go to bed two hours ago.  >.<;

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Y al final, que tal

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Finally have everything in order, but the software has decided to vomit all over itself.  I don’t understand this part of what I’m doing, and this far into it, I want to throw my hands in the air and say DONE.

Not in a way that implies I’m finished, no. In a way that implies I’m about to nip round to Niagara Falls and bloody jump.

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Given that the manuscript is done, I haven’t really had anything to say, so I was just using my other wordpress blog, and this one sat on its duff.  Sorry ’bout that.

My friend gave me the front cover, so I need to give it a back, and then get it all up onto CreateSpace.

So close now!

Posted by: cookiemonger | May 17, 2010

Long time no see

Not much has happened on my end with The Island, since I’m actually done for my part.  😀

But!  I have looked at my poll, and there is a clear winner, so I’ll work on that while I script out TF2: TAS.  I have to say though, lately I just want to hole up and read.  My sister got married on Saturday, and that was enough chaos to last me forever.  I am never getting married.  Ever ever ever.

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Even so

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I’m solid sure that no one reads this, but maybe one day, I will.  A couple of days ago, I had a productive Ikea run, and that turned into a huge change in my environment, such that I’ve been without internet access since then.  Now I’ve got a big mess still to get out of the way (DEBRIS) but a lot more room in general.  And I found some weird stuff.  Such as a margarita glass shaped like a Mexican stereotype in a sombrero.  I gave it to my dad to keep stuff in.  And some fake flowers in a big glass thing–I sprayed those with some kind of pom-scent and now they go on the bookcase with my red lantern.

More importantly, I finished editing!!  :time to dance la~:

So as soon as Lisa gets through her part, I can start focusing on a new book.  😀

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This is how I think

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So, this person has come to the conclusion that she is very strange.

After my dad left, I had the house totally to myself.  My little brother went to help our cousin move, and mum had already gone to work ages ago.  I read about three volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and then got a headache from too much screen-time…  So I told my 海星-ちゃん and intended to lay down… but then I cleaned the kitchen instead.

And I mean cleaned it.  That thing is sparkling.  Usually I just do the dishes and clean the stove–Dad made breakfast, and that usually means yummy food and big mess–but this time I seriously went all out.  I got my iPod and went through everything.  I actually went back several times throughout the afternoon and ended up doing dishes, putting them away, loading the dishwasher (it makes sense in our house, trust me), wiping up the stove, clearing and scrubbing the counters, and eventually clearing the table too.  And then I drew a picture of myself and a note for Mum, so she knows I did it.  XD  I’m a goob.

That’s not the half of it either.  I also spent the day writing on and off.  This story is called The Clockwork Bible, and I’m actually getting pretty excited about it.  ^3^  Of course, I get about 2000 words in and stop to look up some Chinese and then start working on a my own language.  It actually has rules and promises to be complicated.  Regarding the story though, I actually made some plans and they have already started to skew.  There’s a love triangle that I didn’t intend, so Rick needs a new name.

Now I’m going to bribe or blackmail someone to massage my shoulders.  I feel like the pain in them is going to kill me.  I’m actually singing along to Rise Against.

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