Posted by: cookiemonger | March 13, 2010

Day 3b

I felt done for the day after my last post, but what can I say, it’s always good to do a little more.  I did take a break to watch a movie with my mom, one that I’ve seen… probably every day for the last three days.  And yet I’m not sick of it at all.  The story is funny and sweet, but I have to say a big draw is the music.  I’m an A. R. Rahman fan, so sue me.  ;p

Like most nights, I keep feeling like I should just keep writing, but I’ve hit a lull and I sort of want to hit my book in the face.  Using NaNoWriMo terms, I’ve got a wordcount worthy of Day 5, which puts me–at this moment–two days ahead, and I can live with that.  Going to spend the day/night with friends on Monday, so I need to be as ahead as possible, but I may get a minute to write when I’m with them anyway.  My netbook shall come along with me in any case.

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep and wake up tomorrow, ready to stare at my current chapter synopsis and continue the story.

Words so far: 8,550

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