Posted by: cookiemonger | March 14, 2010

Day 4b

exhausted fox bandit

mood: exhausted

Sure enough, I wrote some more.  Not much, but some.  My sister asked me to put her entire CD collection on her laptop–the computer I’m using right now–and I was accidentally prepared.  I regularly work between a netbook and a desktop, so I had my email to myself containing my story files.  Hooray for Google Docs!  Using that, I can write on my sister’s laptop without having to mess with files and whatnot.  …although fixing the formatting later is a pain.  Which is why I generally don’t write in Google Docs.  Fixing it is going to be as obnoxious as making sure I haven’t slipped out of ASE into BSE again.

That is something that Eva is going to have to help me catch.

Anyway, I’m taking a break from writing (though not from copying my sister’s CDs for her), so I might as well blather about the stuff I use to write and why.

As I said, I use two different computers, linked through the ~magic~ of the interwebs.  I could simply use a jump drive, but honestly, email is infinitely quicker, and I don’t have to break my neck finding an open USB port.  (Btw, I want this: )  Just to make that sentence make sense, I will reveal that I keep my tower on a shelf supposedly built for this purpose under my desk, and I have hit my head on different parts of my desk on a myriad of occasions.

I don’t mess with that thing unless I have to.

Netbook uses:

  • Portability, duh.  Mine weighs about two pounds–or less, I don’t pay much attention–and has a battery life of about five or six hours, depending on how much I use the internet while I’m cordless.
  • Keyboard comfort.  My desk is a little too high for me, unless I sit on my knees, which is uncomfortable and dumb.
  • Internet is just about as good as on the desktop.

Desktop uses:

  • Much larger screen.
  • Music access.  No iPod necessary.
  • It is the PROCRASTINATION STATION.  I have Fallout 3 on my computer.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Keyboard is not a big issue, as mine is wireless and I can hold it in my lap and discourage mouse use.

While I’m definitely a geek toys person, I don’t really have any on my desk.  But, I do have a stuffed frog that I sometimes balance on my head if I’m writing on the desktop.  Usually this only happens if it falls off the monitor.

There’s a mental image for ya.

Words so far: 10,635

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