Posted by: cookiemonger | March 17, 2010

Day 7

surprised fox bandit

mood: surprised

Who knew that I could keep writing even while watching Supernatural. It’s a revelation, I tell you. Of ant-sized proportions, but like ants, it’s still pretty cool.

Rachel: You’re the only person whom I know reads this, so I’ll say here–my appointment went just fine, and I’ve just got to stay determined and do what I need to do.  :3  I’m happy.  I also nearly finished chapter six on the drive and while I waited to go in.

Which is awesome.  Huzzah for netbooks~

So.  Ethan and I are doing our thing.  That brilliant thing where we hang out and I get tons of writing done while he games out the stress he gets from work.  And we laugh about the best parts of season three.

I have the world’s best brother.  Hee.

Anyway, writing.  Did pretty dang well considering it’s about three hours into day seven, and I have no attention span.  Today is going to have to be a 5K day, which with this story, means I’ll have to write two chapters beginning to end without any ‘spillover’ from yesterday.

Wish me luck.  [salute]

Words so far:

16629 / 50000 words. 33% done!

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