Posted by: cookiemonger | March 29, 2010

Day 19

mood: guilty

mood: guilty

Holy crap that was a close one.

Life took a turn for the desolate and I sort of landed in a pit of despair.  My own personal oubliette.  I couldn’t write and I took refuge far away from the computer.  I even wrote a post admitting defeat.

BUT.  I can’t just let myself die on this.  I have time left.  I have five chapters to go, and over a week left.  I know how the story ends, and after running it by some people, it’s apparently the ending the story needs.

Also, the trip to the hot springs rocked like no other.  I wish we could go up there more often.  Even the ride home was fun.  :3  Hailey fell asleep on my shoulder, haha.  It was all very comfortable and stress-free, even though a few people bailed on the trip.  Entirely their loss.

Words so far: 40,949
Chapters: 16
Time spent playing Ace Attorney Investigations: 89%

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