Posted by: cookiemonger | March 31, 2010

Day 21

mood: working

Yesterday was another slow day, regardless of the early start.  I am easily sidetracked, and my dear friend Amy brought over Sherlock Holmes.  I tried to write while we (her, my brother, and me) watched it, but that’s rather hopeless.  And afterwards we went to Jordan Landing.

They went off and did coupley things, I’m sure.  I hopped out at Barnes & Noble and holed up by a window critiquing Ira Levin.

The Stepford Wives is, of course, a good story, but Levin’s style leaves a great deal to be desired.  He uses italics like they’re sprinkles for a cupcake–I am not terribly fond of them in the first place, but it’s such a childish, little girl thing to do.  All of the italics abusers I’ve known have been pathetic wannabes.

But I suppose, given Mr. Levin’s success (and Stephanie Meyers’), I ought to concede that being pathetic and/or a wannabe is not a detriment in regards to success.

More’s the pity.

I still had fun.  Even though I got yanked away before I could finish.  A trip to the library is probably in order, not only to find a copy of Rosemary’s Baby, but also to isolate myself.  I finished chapter seventeen just now, and should really get straight to chapter eighteen.

No telling if I actually will.

Another reason that I didn’t get any writing done yesterday is the happy incident of me actually using my pen tablet for once.  The poor thing was all but collecting dust…

It was fun.  I doodled Bo’s (in the middle) face and then popped LOTR Two Towers in and synced it up to the Riff Trax.  Somehow I got AU Wizard of Oz.  The full size picture is in my deviantART gallery here.

Words so far: 43,268
Chapters: seventeen + a paragraph
Synopsis: complete
Days left: 9
Confidence that it will get finished: wavering, but alive

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