Posted by: cookiemonger | April 2, 2010

Day 23

mood: stressed

Feeling that lack of motivation again. It’s not too much of a problem if I have nothing else to do and I am left alone to whine through it and keep writing, but if I have a friend who wants my attention or something I can justify doing instead, then I lose a day.

I suspect that it’s the dreaded chapter nineteen that’s killing me.  This is where the ADHD comes in–I know exactly what’s going to happen up to the end.  So in my head, it’s already done.  Ergo.

There are three and a half chapters to go.  I have seven more days.  I keep thinking of newer, more engaging characters and ideas, and I even brought up Dean and Travis earlier today.  They’ll probably be next, and they’ll probably be rather short, sadly.  It’s not a complicated story, even if it is fun.

I whine so dang much.  But I feel awkward and dopey about this.  Chapter nineteen is going to be exposition hung up on a rope.  :headdesk:

This person leaning on the keyboard needs to get a grip and learn how to cope with endings.

Words so far: 44,801
Chapters: 17 of 21
Pages: 157
Resolve to never plan ahead again: quite quite strong

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