Posted by: cookiemonger | April 13, 2010

Overall Update

mood: bbblaabbbhllha

Progress stands rather low on the edit, even as I listen to dear Amr Mostafa…

I’ve made some notes on the plot and revised the text up through the first few chapters. I lost some work (always a nightmare) but of course I have the first draft backed up seven ways from Tuesday, so I only lost revisions. Also, I semi-housesit for my sister in her new house. Because of the dogs.

Oddly enough, the one that used to be my dog is well-behaved now.  I think I put the fear of Me into him.  The other dog, one Buddy Jones, is a naughty monkey.  He got on the couch and he paid for it.  …actually, no, I just made him lay down in the master bedroom with me while Bear ate his ham-and-water-sprinkled breakfast.  The three of us spent the morning watching season one of Prison Break.

Bear thinks Wentworth Miller is too intense, but he’s a fan of Haywire.  Go figure.

Anyway.  My front matter is pretty much done.  And I’ve already got a bit of an idea going for another, tragically ambitious project, but that sucker is gonna take some thinking.  For one thing, there are over ten main characters.  Apparently I hate myself.  It’s really the only explanation.

You can kind of tell that I was up all night.  Curse you, Wentworth Miller, and your eerie prettiness.  You look too much like Molly.  Jibbbllllylyyy.

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