Posted by: cookiemonger | April 17, 2010

shoot meee

exhausted fox bandit

mood: about to drop dead

Okay, despite the last post, I did not stay up all night watching Yakitate Japan.  No, no, no, no.  I stayed up all night listening to Girl Interrupted while putting together a cover for the next book I want to write. Check it out.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten The Island, of course.  I’m half done with the revisions, and I kinda heard back from someone I asked to help me look it over, so I’m not being gloomy about that anymore.  ;p  Considering the fact that I still have plenty of Prison Break to go, I should probably manage a good pace on revising when I get back to it.

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for it.  I slept in, and then spent the day out with Ethan and Amy.  We ended up at Steph’s house and stuffed envelopes until I fell asleep on the couch.  ^^;  And now I’ve stayed up all night.  I need to stop doing that.


Revisions: 636

  • Insertions: 407
  • Deletions 201
  • Formatting 2
  • Comments 26

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