Posted by: cookiemonger | April 21, 2010

Crawling along

exhausted fox bandit

mood: exhausted

So dang tired.  Couldn’t sleep well, but I did wake up and edit a couple of chapters.

For the record, Final Fantasy 13 disappoints.  :*(  I play it, I think I enjoy it, but I can’t shake the sensation that I’m just nudging a very long movie along with short battle sequences that still take too long and leave me feeling unsatisfied and…well, sad.  There’s absolutely no significant decision-making.

The characters are interesting–I love the actor who plays Sazh–the scenery is gorgeous, if repetitive, and the world is so in-depth that the developers apparently felt the need to keep track of every last detail.

But it’s still an 80 hour movie with annoying bits.


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