The Characters

I might have sketches at some point, but that would be very low priority, considering how much I want to just finish this and edit it with Eva.  There are other characters, but for now, I’ll probably only mention Reza and Val in the blog, so they’re the only ones I’ll put in here.

Reza Ghanem-Bindschadler
The main character, a seventeen-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes.  Lives on the island with his father, a biologist from Boston, and his mother, a physicist from London.  He is tall, broad-shouldered, and fills the occupation of a beach bum.  His family has lived in many places, most recently Sherman Oaks, California.

Valerie McBride
Reza’s best friend on the island, also seventeen.  A thin blonde with very unpronounced curves and an unpredictable personality.  She also lives on the island with her parents, a marine biologist and energy research scientist, both from California.  She has been on several of her parents’ expeditions, and finds science to be terribly dull.


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