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So close!

mood: relaxed

And obviously yet so far.  I’m nearly done with my self-edit, and writing bits of something else.  I’ve missed first person a lot, so I’m jumping back into that.


Revisions: 923

  • Insertions: 568
  • Deletions 294
  • Formatting 6
  • Comments 55
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Chugging along

mood: stressed

Everything goes slowly.  I have some bright spots in my days, but I don’t care to just blow the steam about here.  I’m not done editing, but Lisa is still proving a huge help, and I have less than 50  pages to go.

It’s amazing how I can go back over things and not remember how I felt when writing, and vice versa.  I’ll come across passages and laugh, either at actual humour, or because it’s convoluted, or just bad.  😛  The funniest times are when I read a scene and then sit back and wonder what the heck I was thinking.  Not because it’s particularly bad or out there, but just because I literally don’t understand what I had initially intended.  Often it’s word choice, in such cases.

Times like this, even while my hand creaks and crunches every time I move it, I feel anxious to move on and do something new, but I haven’t got an idea that I really like.  I’m not a sad-act who needs inspiration to write a single word, nossir.  It’s just that I can’t decide what to write and that indecision is like a little kid sitting on my shoulder and repeatedly stabbing me in the head with a rubber pencil.

That mental image aside, I am certainly not bored or lacking in busy-tude.

I’ve been messing with RPG Maker VX for the first time in quite a while, picking back up a project I started on a whim last year.  It’s not a solid idea either, but I’ve been learning how to make better maps than I used to–way back in my RPG Maker 95 days–and scripting ought to be next.  Maybe I’ll even get on the ball and make my own tilesets.  But I’m not serious enough for that yet.  ^^;

The main characters are a guardian named Kutika and a paladin named Gabriel.  They work at a hero office in a peaceful place, spending their days in a generally boring manner, but then things pick up when they save a damsel in distress from an orc and quickly stumble on the beginnings of a tribal war.


Hamming it up.

Not a lot going on so far, but it’s really just for fun.

I’ve also been reading Les Mis again.  Just because.  It’s my favourite way to procrastinate from just about anything.


Revisions: 875

  • Insertions: 544
  • Deletions 279
  • Formatting 4
  • Comments 48

These stats are from my solo editing process.  Although I do always take Lisa’s edits and comments into consideration (and implement them, more often than not), she and I don’t work from the same file, so I can’t add her comments and revisions into this count.  Besides, it’s just for fun and because I like typing numbers.

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Checking in

mood: awake

Why am I not sleeping?

At least I’m actually doing something.  Lisa has been adding some important notes, and I’ve gotten to about the middle of chapter fifteen on my own.  Which puts me at 69% through editing the book.

Needless to say, I’m ferreting around with other ideas and have about five false starts on several different things.  VOTE PLEASE, gimme a push in some kind of direction.

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Crawling along

exhausted fox bandit

mood: exhausted

So dang tired.  Couldn’t sleep well, but I did wake up and edit a couple of chapters.

For the record, Final Fantasy 13 disappoints.  :*(  I play it, I think I enjoy it, but I can’t shake the sensation that I’m just nudging a very long movie along with short battle sequences that still take too long and leave me feeling unsatisfied and…well, sad.  There’s absolutely no significant decision-making.

The characters are interesting–I love the actor who plays Sazh–the scenery is gorgeous, if repetitive, and the world is so in-depth that the developers apparently felt the need to keep track of every last detail.

But it’s still an 80 hour movie with annoying bits.


Revisions: 778

  • Insertions: 491
  • Deletions 247
  • Formatting 4
  • Comments 36
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Character Poll

This thing just refuses to work. And I refuse to give in. Nyarh.

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shoot meee

exhausted fox bandit

mood: about to drop dead

Okay, despite the last post, I did not stay up all night watching Yakitate Japan.  No, no, no, no.  I stayed up all night listening to Girl Interrupted while putting together a cover for the next book I want to write. Check it out.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten The Island, of course.  I’m half done with the revisions, and I kinda heard back from someone I asked to help me look it over, so I’m not being gloomy about that anymore.  ;p  Considering the fact that I still have plenty of Prison Break to go, I should probably manage a good pace on revising when I get back to it.

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for it.  I slept in, and then spent the day out with Ethan and Amy.  We ended up at Steph’s house and stuffed envelopes until I fell asleep on the couch.  ^^;  And now I’ve stayed up all night.  I need to stop doing that.


Revisions: 636

  • Insertions: 407
  • Deletions 201
  • Formatting 2
  • Comments 26
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up late

yakitate japan

I love this show.

That is all.

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A very busy day and night

mood: I'm a good little writer

Staying up and chatting with brother, when I realised that my childhood hero was Charles Barkley, because he beat up Barney the dinosaur.  I still have chills, but the joint pain has gone down.  And I got a lot done!

Notable things that happened while I was working–Mum asked me to make dinner and I started it, but then I fixed the family computer and set up the sound on Dad’s instead.  But then wedding plans took over and I was able to work almost entirely uninterrupted.  Haha.


Revisions: 571

  • Insertions: 363
  • Deletions: 180
  • Formatting: 2
  • Comments: 26
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mood: cold

I think I’m getting sick.

My head is killing me, I’m getting chills, and I have massive joint pain.  On the brighter side, revising is moving quicker.  Although that could be a downside.  I’ve been going past entire pages without making any changes or even notes.  Looking at the pages before, there are tonnes of happy tracking-changes red marks, and now there are less and less.

Considering I’m only on page 50, that may or may not be good.

Heh, I feel a little better looking at that number though.  Numbers make me feel like there’s a nearby goal.


50/187 pages
Revisions: 337

  • Insertions: 202
  • Deletions: 116
  • Formatting: 2
  • Comments: 17

Episodes of Prison Break watched: 30

Also, it is really really sad when I can’t understand my own jokes.

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